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All our work comes via word-of-mouth.  By the time many of our new clients find us, they have developed some sort of Internet presence.  Most come to us because they are displeased with the service offered by their web site developers. 

With most development companies the level of service starts to deteriorate soon after the client's check clears.  Our business philosophy is different.  Long after the initial site design is complete, we are still there for our clients.  We will be there for you.  

Excellent customer service is a personal guarantee!

We work at a pace that meets the comfort level of our customer.  We tend to go slowly at first making certain the customer is fully informed about the development scheme.  It is important to us for each client to understand all facets of the development process.  We also stress the importance of upfront elements that seem simple but may impact future plans.

We delve into a client's ultimate goal for a website and devise a plan to achieve that goal.  Many times a customer wants more than they can initially afford.  To assist our customers and keep the final product in the pipeline, we develop a series of work phases.  Each phase keeps the ultimate goal in mind.  This reduces customer costs by eliminating the need to repeatedly rework areas at a later date to include new features.

As you can see, we have our client interests and goals first and foremost in our work ethic standards.  We will ensure your comfort from process start to long after it's end.

Types of sites we have developed:

  • Large Corporation Sites
  • Small Business Sites
  • Product Display Sites (online brochure)
  • Shopping Cart Sites (sell products online)
  • Online Schools (automated registrations, testing, etc.)
  • Information Sharing Sites (mailing lists, articles, forums, etc.)
  • Product Demo Sites (online demo's of scripts)
  • Y*hoo!-like Link Sites (categorized link collections)
  • Gaming Sites
  • And much, much more...

Please contact us for any additional information.

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