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4ward Momentum offers a full range of business solutions for website development, hosting, and automation.  We are proud to offer excellent customer service to all clients.

We are unique in several ways.  We never advertise.  We don't submit our site to search engines.  If you found us without the recommendation of an existing client, it's probable a link at the bottom of a current customer website was picked up by a search engine.  All new business comes via word-of-mouth.  Every client in our portfolio is considered long term.

We take customer satisfaction very seriously.  We are proud of our extensive database of word-of-mouth and return business customers.  Each return customer is an acknowledgement of our commitment to fully meet the needs of our customers.  Each referral is an opportunity to demonstrate not only our technical expertise but also provide a level of customer service uncommon in the field of website development. Some other companies we would like to refer you to if they fit your specific market: Lawyer SEO, Mobile Billboard Advertising, Austin SEO -- Net Marketplace SEO, Google, Powerboard Review by Hover Geek,, Dallas Furniture Guide, Junk Removal Aid, Sex Therapy Guide, Dallas Rehab Guide.

In browsing our site you will discover a multitude of information.  For your convenience we've included links to some of our clients' websites.  We have also listed material regarding hosting packages and automation.

If you would like information that is not listed in any area of our website, please do not hesitate to contact us. Inquiry turnaround time is typically (3) hours or less.

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